IGNITE Summer school runs Sept 1-8 2019

The IGNITE ITN (Innovative training network) held its second summer school in Zagreb Croatia with highly motivated doctoral students and their EU faculty advisors from Sept 1 – 8, 2019. IGNITE is an EU funded ITN which is training 15 doctoral students (early stage researchers) in comparative genomics of various invertebrates across various universities in Europe — http://www.itn-ignite.eu/Gert Wörheide is the PI for this project and Joe Lopez is an external advisory board member.

ITN-IGNITE for comparative genomics of non-model marine invertebrates sprung out of the GIGA initiative which itself sprung from G10K.  The IGNITE organization is sound, and it is encouraging to view the progress of promising genomics/bioinformatics scholarship for the future. Benefits will eventually go to biology, GIGA, the Earth Biogenome Project and broader society.