HCNSO holds Third Life Science Graduate Research Symposium Feb 10 -11, 2020

The symposium turned out to be a stimulating event with 25 eager students and postdocs presenting their research progress alongside some seasoned and new faculty (More info and abstracts can be found here – https://nsuworks.nova.edu/cnso_osj/february-2020/). Rich topics ranged from bacterial quorum sensing to coral diseases, Mississippi river freshwater plumes to hyena behavior and deep sea crustaceans (just to name a few). The College also had the unique pleasure of hosting not one but three US National Academy of Science members as keynote speakers (Nancy Knowlton, Jeremy BC Jackson and Stephen J. O’Brien). Needless to say they gave riveting, informative seminars to our group.

Congratulations to lab member Alexis Berger who was awarded second place among student speakers for her talk on bioluminescent tunicates. Our other lab members Yvain Desplat, Elizaveta Shmakova and Dr Lauren Krausfeldt also gave presentations.