HCAS holds Biennial Graduate Research Symposium Jamboree and One of our Lab Members Wins a Student Prize

Our Halmos College of Art and Sciences held an excellent fourth biennial graduate research symposium on Feb 24 – 25, 2022. Many students gave great talks, including our own Colleen McMaken and postdoctoral scientist Lauren Krausfeldt. Colleen garnered second prize among outstanding >20 student talks. This also allowed HCAS to hear Drs. Lauren Toth, and John Reed give riveting keynote talks, and we could also hold a mini-reunion of HBOI alumni (Tracey Sutton, Tammy Frank, Joe Lopez and John Reed) at NSU. Past graduate symposia can be viewed here and the respective keynotes (which unfortunately were not recorded): 2016 (Kate Mansfield), 2018 (Ruth Gates), 2020 (Nancy Knowlton and Jeremy Jackson).