The Golden Age of Science seminar series at HCAS welcomes Dr. Baldomero Olivera

This week we were privileged to hear a great talk by Professor Baldomero (Toto) Olivera. He gave an innovative tale of how marine science informed medical treatment of chronic and painful neurological  disease. Baldomero Olivera is a Filipino molecular biologist  known for discovery of diversity and medical translation of  cone snail toxins important for neuroscience. These molecules, called conotoxins, led to a breakthrough in the study of ion channels, neuromuscular synapses and chronic pain ablation.  University of Philippines honored Olivera, for his research on neuropharmacology using the venom of cone snails.  His saga traces a career from a young amateur snail collector in the Philippines   to a world class molecular geneticist and pharmacologist.  He is Distinguished Professor of the University of Utah and an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Medicine.

The Golden Age of Science series has been organized by Dr. Stephen J. O’Brien. We have have had an amazing array of speakers this semester, and a few more are left before the break:; Register here –